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User Committee Feedback

Feedback Policy and Forms

The Users’ Committee invites members to provide feedback on mediators using the forms below.

The Users’ Committee has, for reasons of confidentiality, no knowledge about how any mediator on the Register conducts mediations. The invitation to provide feedback is to enable the Committee to:

  • understand how members perceive the quality of service provided,
  • receive information and, where confidentiality permits, disseminate information about, best practice,
  • receive testimonials from persons happy with the service provided, whether attributed or not, provided that the confidentiality of the mediation is preserved,
  • receive suggestions for improvement (in relation to the way in which mediations are conducted, administrative matters or otherwise),
  • receive observations or concerns about a mediator and pass these on the mediator concerned, and
  • deal with serious complaints about a mediator (subject to the condition that, where a member wishes to, or is instructed to, make a serious complaint about a mediator, the complaint is put in the first instance to any Registered Mediation Provider with the Civil Mediation Council of which the mediator is a member – the Users’ Committee will not deal with a serious complaint until the Registered Mediation Provider has dealt with the matter and any appeal.)

A “serious” complaint is any complaint that the Users’ Committee or any sub-committee appointed by it considers to be serious.

The Users’ Committee will treat all complaints thoroughly and deal with them promptly.

The Users’ Committee will:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within five working days with an indication of how long it will take to send you a detailed response. (If you do not receive an acknowledgement within this timeframe please contact us in the event that it has not been received.)
  • Investigate your complaint carefully and thoroughly.
  • Write to you with a full reply within 14 working days (occasionally we may need longer than this but this will be indicated in the acknowledgment letter).
  • Refer the complaint to the Chair of the User’s Committee should you not be satisfied with the response. The Chair will seek to reach a satisfactory conclusion but ultimately the Chair has an absolute discretion and his or her decision shall be final. (The Chair will not be involved with any complaint before this stage.)

You will not be treated any less favourably as a result of complaining about our services.

If the Users’ Committee upholds a serious complaint it may decide to remove a mediator from the Register.

The Civil Mediation Council has a Complaints Resolution Service. If a person who wishes to make a serious complaint would prefer to do so they may investigate using this service (although the Users’ Committee would be grateful to be notified that the matter had been referred to the CMC. (

Please select from one of the feedback forms below:

 Form for providing positive feedback and /or observations or concerns about a mediator or mediation

 Form for providing a serious complaint about a mediator or mediation

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