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Selecting a Mediator

The Register comprises details of mediators.  The responsibility of selecting a mediator, and deciding whether the background, qualifications, insurance and experience of any particular mediator is appropriate for any particular claim or dispute is the responsibility of the parties and their advisers.  APIL FOIL and MASS do not accept, individually or collectively, any such responsibility. APIL FOIL and MASS  do not, individually or collectively, endorse all or any of the mediators on the Register.

Professional Liability Indemnity Insurance

When a mediation takes place the mediation service is supplied by the mediator (or, where the mediator is a member of a firm or company, that firm or company).  The appropriate person, therefore, to take out professional liability insurance, is the mediator (or his/her firm or company).  APIL FOIL and MASS maintain the Register and conduct periodic checks to ascertain that mediators carry current professional liability insurance but APIL FOIL and MASS, individually and collectively, cannot and does not warrant that any particular mediator (or his/her firm or company)  is insured at any particular time.  The onus is on the parties and their advisers to satisfy themselves that the professional liability insurance carried by the mediator selected is sufficient and appropriate for the relevant dispute.

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