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Mediator Differentiation

Mediators will differentiate themselves from others by their CVs.

The fact that a mediator appears on the Register confirms that the mediator has satisfied the specified criteria. Selecting a mediator for a particular claim is the responsibility of members and their clients.

The starting point for selecting a mediator is the mediator’s CV. (CVs may be downloaded from the site.)

Additionally, there is no reason why you should not contact a mediator (or mediators) who you are contemplating instructing, to ask for further information. An email exchange, or a brief telephone discussion, about the type of dispute and the approach that mediator might take might, together with the CV encourage you to select that mediator, or discourage you from doing so. You want to feel that you can work with the particular mediator and he or she can work with you.

See also What to look for in a mediator’s CV, or in a pre-instruction discussion with a mediator

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