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Criteria for Registration to be Accepted

The mediator will demonstrate:

1. Either
(a) is a current CMC registered mediator; or
(b) meets the requirements to become a CMC registered mediator and is a member of a panel of a CMC Registered Mediation Provider


AND can demonstrate that:
over 50% of his/her work, for a period of 5 consecutive years in the previous 10 years, was the conduct of or the representation of parties in (a) personal injury claims (including clinical negligence claims) or (b) clinical negligence claims
or he /she has mediated (a) 10 personal injury (including clinical negligence claims) or (b) 10 clinical negligence claims during the previous 3 years
or he /she has equivalent judicial experience
or he /she makes a written application stating in what respects he/she does comply with aspects of the criteria and setting out any exceptional circumstances which he/she submits should justify admission to the Register notwithstanding that he/she does not comply with all aspects of the criteria.


AND will complete a Declaration to the satisfaction of the Users' Committee.

Please see the Civil Mediation Council’s Privacy Notice for details of how personal data is handled. For the purposes of the AFM Register, the CMC may share personal data with APIL, FOIL and MASS who will hold this in accordance with their own Privacy Notices.

In the event that the User Committee reaches the view that any mediator on the Register no longer satisfies any element of the criteria outlined above it shall in its absolute discretion have the right to remove the mediator from the Register.

For more information about CMC registration see

The User Committee may at its discretion change the Criteria from time to time.

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