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The Users’ Committee

The objective of the Register is to facilitate the use of mediation in personal injury and clinical negligence claims. The Register fulfils this by providing information about mediators, and in particular their personal injury expertise, to assist members when selecting a mediator.

Set out below are details of the APIL/FOIL/MASS Register of Mediators Users’ Committee (“the Users’ Committee”).

Users’ Committee – Control of the Register

The Register is controlled, on behalf of APIL, FOIL and MASS, by the APIL/FOIL/MASS Register of Mediators Users’ Committee (“the Users’ Committee”). The Users’ Committee is responsible for the finances, the content, the criteria, approving entries to and removal from, and all aspects of the Register and decisions relating to these matters are at the sole unfettered discretion of the Committee, save that members of the Committee will act in accordance with their judgement as to the best interests of the members of APIL, FOIL and MASS and of their clients.

Users’ Committee – Composition

The Users’ Committee, an unincorporated association, comprises of lawyers and insurance claims professionals (other than those who are practising mediators) as follows:

  • three claimant orientated lawyers, appointed by APIL and MASS
  • three defendant orientated users, being one insurance industry representative and two defendant lawyers, appointed by FOIL.

The Users’ Committee may invite practising mediators (and / or other ADR experts) to sit with the Committee to provide technical advice but such advisers will not vote or take part in the Committee’s decision making.

Feedback on Mediators – Positive and Adverse

The Users’ Committee manage a Feedback Policy for the Register. For more information see Feedback Policy and Forms.

Approval of Entries on the Register and Removal of Mediators from the Register

The Users’ Committee will have an absolute discretion to:

  • approve or reject entries on the Register on the basis of the Criteria and make determinations about the removal of any mediator from the Register where a mediator has been the subject of one or more serious complaints. Read more
  • amend the Criteria from time to time.

Not-for-profit – Cost Funding

The Register is not-for-profit. The cost of setting up the Register and administering it, together with the cost of running the Users’ Committee, will be paid for by the joining fee and annual contributions required of mediators for entry of their details on the Register.

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