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APIL FOIL MASS Register of Mediators

This not-for-profit site is to provide information to the members of APIL, FOIL and MASS about the Register of Mediators and to mediators who are on the Register or wish to be on it.

Register of Mediators

  • This is a not-for-profit register of mediators who provide a mediation service in the personal injury and clinical negligence sector.
  • The objective of the Register is to facilitate the use of mediation in personal injury and clinical negligence claims.
  • It does this by providing information about mediators, and in particular their personal injury and clinical negligence expertise, to assist members when selecting a mediator.
  • The Register can only be accessed by members of APIL, FOIL and MASS.
  • Members are entitled to use the Register, if they so wish, as an additional benefit arising from their membership at no extra cost.

Using the Register – Members

APIL, FOIL or MASS will provide you with a link (a cryptic url in technical terms) which will enable you to access the Register.

Please note the site is restricted to members of APIL, FOIL and MASS. You should not allow others to use the link.

To search for mediators you use the link to proceed to the Register. Then you tick the box for the region where the mediation is to take place and click on “Apply.” The mediators who cover that region will then be displayed.

Click on a mediator to reveal further information about his or her expertise and experience, including documents that may be downloaded. You can also make a request that the mediator contact you.

Using the Register – Mediators

If you are a mediator and wish to make an application for registration, please satisfy yourself that you satisfy the Criteria and then follow the process on the Registration page.

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